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Heart Application

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I don't have a heart!
Now, it's your chance.  Please fill out the application to be my heart, because no one can ever go long without one.  Fill it out if you're a current friend, stranger, or whatever.  I want EVERYONE to fill it out.  Come on.  You know you wanna.  maybe you will be my heart.

What is your first name?
What is your email address?
What is your date of birth? (EG mm-dd-yy)
What is your Gender?
Which way do you swing?Bisexual
Lets break the ice, and be totally honest because I promise not to cry. How hot do you think I am on a scale from 1 to 10? 10 being sexiest.
Now, the questions get hard. How many sexual partners have you had?Virgin Here!
16- OMG, am I a slut?
2x + 12b = 10t Please solve the value for X
Ever been convicted of any crime since you turned 18?Yes
I let you know after I turn 18
So, more about me. Out of these, what would you say about MY PERSONALITY based on this website so far. Choose which best fits.
Please, give me five one word adjective to descibe yourself. Make the last one VERY INTERESTING!
Since there is a chance we could become sexually active (everyone has a shot, but few actually gets the gold), I must ask what role you take when, um, yeah.
Final Question. What do you want from completing this survey?Just a friend that took it for fun.
I really want to be the heart and be featured on the site and have my photo up. Yay!
I would like to see if you'd be interested in talking with me, starting a friendship that could lead to a relationship, or dating. I know you're single and very eager to find someone.
I don't have a damn clue
I'm just a stranger and wanted to get to know you and have you get to know me a little. not interested in dating or anything though. Just friendship.
I just want to #*#@ your brains out and #&**$ on your face and then have you #*@(!@ my #*#** while I *@@( your ##$&& .
I was just bored. I don't want to be your friend or date you or anything.
Check this box if you'de like a quick reply (1-2 days) from me about your status.