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2005 People of Tommy's Year Awards

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It's that most wonderful time of the year again!!!!!!!!!  Christmas you say.  NOOOOO.  The Nominees for the 3rd Annual Tommy Awards!!!!!!!!  Here are the Nominees for 2005.  Remember, the winners are announced In February.  I know you all will be biting your nail in anticipation!!!!!!!  Wonder who will win this year.!?  Congrats to all the Nominees (except for in the dissappointment catagory).  You know it's a honor just to be nominated!

Nominees for Best Person 2005 are....

  1. Kevin I. (Ex Boyfriend)
  2. Jhoeny G. (Friend)
  3. Valerie M. (Friend)
  4. Debra E. ( Mother)
  5. Mark E.( Nephew)


Nominees for Best Humor 2005 are....

  1. Debra E. (Mother)
  2. Valerie M. (Friend)
  3. Santiago C.(Friend) 
  4. Chris W. (Twin Brother) 
  5. Tanish E. (Neice in Law)

Nominees for best Bitch/Diva 2005 are....

  1. Valerie M.(Friend) 
  2. Shawna M.(Friend)
  3. Jessica K. (Friend)
  4. "L" (Sister)
  5. "L" jr (Niece)

Nominees for best Tear Jerker Moment 2005 are.....

  1. Kevin I.  (Ex Boyfriend)
  2. Shawna M. (Friend)
  3. Debra E. (Mother)
  4. "L" Jr (Niece) 
  5. Jhoeny G. (Friend)

Nominees for best Turn On  2005 are....

  1. Santiago C. (Friend)
  2. Jhoeny G. (Friend)
  3. Kevin I. (Ex Boyfriend)
  4. Valerie M. ( Friend)
  5. żBus Guy ? (Stranger)

Nominees for worst disappointment 2005 are......

  1. Kerra E. (Friend)
  2. Jeff H.  (Friend)
  3. Jessica K. (Friend)
  4. Kevin I. ( Ex boyfriend)
  5. Andrew H.( Friend)

Nominees for The Best Celebrity/notable figure  2005 are....

  1. Ellen D. 
  2. Paris H.
  3. Angelina J. 
  4. Rodney D. 
  5. Elton J.


Nominees for most life changing moment/thing in 2005 are.....
  1. Loosing Kevin to Kalifornia
  2. My friendship with Valerie 
  3. My participation in Rock Indiana Rally
  4. My becoming more of an Activist
  5. My  dissappointment with myself for not keep more than 90% of the goals I had.


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