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The Prodigy
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The foretold is always a mystery.  But they always speak of a Prodigy.  The one that possess some sort of power even before it becomes into existance.  The prodigy is one of the earths greatest mysteries that  is rarely solved, nor frequent, but when it appears, it's known and prominant.


Raymond, my nephew, is a blessing as well as all my neices (6) and nephews (3).  Raymond is the one that idolizes me for some reason.  So, I come to the conclusion (since I'm totally self centeres.  hee hee)  that it's because he has a gift at pointing out the extremly rare and special things in this world ( like me).  He's a stubborn little one, but he's very smart and very talented.  And when he laughs, it makes it more clear that only a god as mighty as ours could create such a perfect and beauty being.  People say wait until he turns a teen.  But, I'd rather think that he'll remain this presious and innocent forever.