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The Box
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Everyone gets one.  It's a sacred box.  A very useful tool.  it was designed to put one important thing in that may be unfinished, or too painful to deal with.  And to forget about it, though it's of great importance.  It's nessasary to continue the cycle and Good in the world.  It's also known as Pandora's Box.  If opened again, it could cause disalignment in worlds, and lead to destruction.


Rosie was the unexpected love.  Loving her didn't come easy, and to actually see that I did love her took more self discovery and pain than I ever dare to mention.  Things were left so uncomplete with her, and it's the worst feeling in the world, yet, I know there is no going back.  Do I still love her, yes.  In the way I use to love her, no.  I still consider her a friend, but whatever romantic feelings I had for her needed to be placed in a locked box, and I do not have the key.