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The Reoccurrence
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Sometimes, things in nature have a way of repeting something that just was not meant to be.  It's not something that is bad, but it is neither good.  The key is to make sure The reoccurrence never takes over and becomes a permenant.  It's the job of the Protector to  maintain this.


Cory is os not good for me yet, I find my self wanting him more and more everyday.  Our break ups were bitter, but the love that we shared was better.  It's like this, if I'm not with him, I'm dreaming of him.  If I'm not dreaming of him, he' s on the phone within a day.  If no phone, that must mean I'm with him. I can not say that I do not love him, yet, I can not say that I do not hate him.  All my friends say just stay away from him.  he's not good for you.  But, there's something.